Who are we and why the name Jeanne d'Arc Living?

The French heroine Joan of Arc was an amazing woman who had a will and a determination out of the ordinary. She was not governed by what contemporaries thought you should or should not do. She went her own way and fought to the last, for what she believed in.

When we use her name in connection with our business, firstly it is with great respect for this amazing woman. Secondly, because we think that we can all learn something from her – still 600 years later.

We should all dare to go our own way and dare to stand out from the crowd. It has from the outset been one of our biggest goals in this company. We constantly try to think outside the box and we fight for what we believe in.
The company has several branches, including publishing our own magazines and books. The common thread in everything we do and our big passion is the French / Scandinavian country style. We make a magazine that sticks to the style and without distracting advertisements anywhere. Of course, it is a challenge. It requires a lot of editorial material and thereby a passionate staff, of which we make the majority ourselves. The magazine is published in seven languages.

We also operate a wholesale business, mainly with its own design, produced both here in Denmark and abroad. We offer a wide selection of handcrafted products, clothing, home textiles, furnishings, craft items and more - all in real nostalgic country style. We design almost all of our products ourselves, and many of them are handmade.

We want to produce the characteristic, distinctive and evocative French / Scandinavian country style that is all about the little details. We strive to help people who are also passionate about this style, which is why we have made it our goal to provide our customers with useful tips and ideas and serve them at a high personal level.

Our dream is to be an internationally renowned company that always stick to the original. We work hard for unique products and good quality. Personal service must always be of highest priority. Our goal is to collect and provide all the customers needs to be able to furnish their homes in true country style. All products must be either our own design or reproductions of old things. We will continue to try to add just the right patina on products, to make them as authentic as possible.

Lifestyle, home décor and garden, is something that interests most. It has always been our interest. We have never been one of those who just followed the latest trend. We have always gone our own way and our creativity has been greatly received. Recycling and flea market finds have always been a big part of our lives. Right from our childhood, the joy of "hunting" and finding unique things, has been almost indescribable. It is the same feeling we get when we restore an old piece of furniture or give it patina. Old things with soul and history, we see as indispensable in our lives. As a natural consequence thereof, it has always been the country style that has been our heart.
The company has existed since 2004 and the head office is based in idyllic surroundings, on a four-winged farm in Kondrup, north of Randers, Denmark.