Primer & Sealer is a water-based and environmentally friendly product. Works both as a primer before painting with Vintage Paint, and as a sealer after.

Content: 700 ml (23.6 US fl . oz.)
Coverage: Between 7-10 m2 (75-105 ft2) depending on the porosity of the surface.
Drying rate: Touch dry in 30 minutes and re-coatable in 1-2 hours.

Primer (before painting with Vintage Paint)
Apply VINTAGE PRIMER & SEALER which is a stain-blocking primer that prevents bleeding.

Sealer (after painting with Vintage Paint)
Dries to a soft matt fi nish and protects larger surfaces like walls fl oorboards, table tops, kitchen cupboards and walls, painted with Vintage Paint. The sealer does not create an extra layer like a lacquer but seals the open structure of the Vintage paint by penetration. Due to its natural softness, it might show marks more easily when used on a heavy used surfaces like floors. Areas which are not exposed to UV light (e.g. under carpets) might show discoloration after some months.

User instruction: Stir well before use. The surface should be dry and free of grease. Apply at least two thin coats with a roller or a brush (thick coats will leave white patches). For the fi rst coat, dilute the sealer with at least 20 % water. The second coat with at least 10 %. Allow the coats to dry thoroughly, at least 2 hours between each application. It is possible to add some of our Vintage Paint (max 5 %) to create a colored sealer. This should be done in
a third coat. This third coat should also be diluted with 10% water. Do not apply when surrounding temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius.