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Vintage Matt Furniture Paint is a water based and environmentally friendly paint and is developed specially for painting furniture to give it the authentic matt and chalky surface that was common for furniture in the old days. The paint will adhere to practically any surface without special preparation and it provides good coverage.

Content: 700 mL (23.6 US fl . oz.)
Coverage: Between 7-10 m2 (75-105 ft2) depending on the porosity of the surface
Drying rate: Touch dry in 30 minutes and re-coatable in 1 hour.

User instruction: Stir well before use
Applying two thin coats is recommended. The surface should be dry and free of grease. Use the paint as-is. If you prefer a more "washed out” effect, you can add a bit of water. For best results, apply with a VINTAGE PAINT paintbrush as our brushes will give a finer structure.

If you want the surface to be protected, finish with ANTIQUE WAX or VINTAGE PRIMER & SEALER. VINTAGE PAINT is also suitable for floors when sealed with VINTAGE PRIMER & SEALER.
Before painting, you may need to apply VINTAGE PRIMER & SEALER which is a stain-blocking primer that prevents bleeding.