The Jeanne d’Arc Living Magazine

The Jeanne d’Arc Living Magazine is an advertisement free monthly lifestyle magazine filled with creative DIY ideas, simple recipes, captivating articles and beautiful photography of inspiring homes, vintage flea market décor and crafts, nostalgic European garden designs and flower arrangements – all in the French and Nordic country decorating style.
It is currently being translated into eight different languages and distributed worldwide mainly Europe.

For future release dates please see below.
The Magazine JDL Release date: 2018
1st issue January 2
2nd issue February 12
3rd issue April 3
4th issue May 14
5th issue July 2
6th issue August 13
7th issue October 1
8th issue November 12

The Magazine JDL Release date: 2017
1st issue January 2
2nd issue February 1
3rd issue March 1
4th issue April 3
5th issue May 1
6th issue June 1
7th issue July 3
8th issue August 1
9th issue September 1
10th issue October 2
11th issue November 1
12th issue December 1
The English version of the magazine has been made available online!